Live Video Chat Messenger – Free

Live Video Chat Messenger - Free

Live Video Chat Messenger is a free and inimitable communication platform that was released with the aim of developing reliable communication extremely manageable. It is used by millions of people worldwide as Live Video Chat Messenger leverages the power and spontaneity of in-the-moment video to capture the essence of human communication. One of the best benefits of live video chat messenger is that it collapses time and distance, enabling ongoing conversations in order to continue with ease.

Furthermore, its secret sauce is a pioneering, cloud-based, cloud-based technology that powers lightning-fast photo and video messaging. Within the beginning to record a video, the recipient could already watch the message live. Here, videos and photos are kept for free with the secure private account, so they can be experienced anytime and don’t take up any space on user’s devices.

Live Video Chat Messenger - Free

Meanwhile, it is new in the industry; it has attracted lots of users who are used to send billions of videos via its free apps for iOS, Android, Android Wear, Apple Watch and Windows Phone. By this app, users can easily communicate face-to-face with their loved ones globally.  By permitting the feature through which users can easily message visually, Live Video Chat Messenger has strengthened relationships across the globe by adding a human connection to daily digital exchanges.

To enjoy the smart and advanced features of Live Video Chat Messenger, you should try it once. Click here and download the application. Here, explore the new functions that benefit your goals.


How to Deal with Dell Printer Error 016-302?

The Dell Error code “016-302” appears mainly in the series of Dell color laser printers that prevent your device from printing.  The error code can be noticeable in Dell printer series like that can be fixed if right troubleshooting method applied. Below you will get the right instructions to fix the error-

Power on and Verify Printer without Connecting

Disconnecting the printer from your computer or other device and restart it after clearing all the print. If your you didn’t get any error message then your printer is ready to print, means that there is some while connecting the printer with computer or other devices.

Power on and Verify Printer without Connecting

Here you have to disconnect the printer it from your device and restart after clearing the entire print job. After this check your print by printing, if you don’t get the error message again, then your printer is ready to print.

Change the IP address of the Dell Printer

One of the best ways to fix error code 016-302 is changing the IP address of your printer. To perform the task you need to simply reset network settings and again add or install the Dell printer on your computer. After adding printer, go to web interface for print server settings and add new IP.

Reinstall the Printer Driver on Your PC

If the error code 016-302 code still persists on your computer screen, then you should go for driver reinstallation with latest version. Reinstalling the printer driver is the easiest and simple way to fix any sort of error related to printer.

In case, the above stated instructions do not help you to fix the problems then you simply dial Dell Printer Support Phone Number– (1-888-296-9079) support number that is available 24/7 round the clock in order to provide instant help to the users. The number connects you to the customer that works with enhanced tools and technologies. The customer service owes a team of experienced technicians and professionals who have capability in resolving all complicated errors at any complex level.


Contact Dell Technical Support Phone Number to fix Common Errors.

Dell is a standout amongst the most utilized brands for mechanized gadgets over the globe. It manufactures gadgets or devices including PCs, portable PCs, printers, scanners and other related frill which are surrounded with innovative offices and devices. The gadgets are created by the fundamentals of the clients at various levels. Each and every one of the gadgets worked with various arrangement and versions so they can illuminate the reason for each client at various status. In spite of the fact that the Dell maneuvers are engaged with brilliant elements yet at the same time they display some specialized issues and mistakes amid the work time. To dispose of such issues you can specifically contact the expertise to get instant help.

There are a few issues that are reported by the clients with Dell devices that are depicted underneath

  • Dell printer is not printing appropriately
  • Computer BIOS blunder
  • Numeric blunders codes
  • Computer crashes
  • Laptops Gray scree blunder
  • Scanner driver similarity issue
  • Printer cartridge issues
  • Ink tank leakage issues
  • Laptop slow running issue
  • Keyboard issues


The above portrayed issues are the look at issues that can be confronted by the Dell clients. There are some regular examining steps that can be connected keeping in mind the end goal to conquer the issues that are appears like-

  • Resetting the gadget
  • Running the gadget in the experimental mode
  • Uninstall and introduce the drivers
  • Run malware and infection look over the gadget
  • Reboot the whole gadget

Most of the time there is chance that the issues don’t get settled with the Dell devices so in case you have any query at that point you should call on Dell Technical Support Phone Number -(1-888-296-9079) to accomplish Technical Support under the supervision of experts and specialists who have ability of dealing with and settling all kind of specialized issues and questions at any confused state. The Dell support service is accessible 365 days round the clock so the client can get support whenever at their work area. The help benefit does not request any additional cost and give assistance and specialized help at affordable charges.

How to Disable “Function Key” of Your Dell Laptop?

Dell laptop has an aggressive market across the globe because of its smart features and technologies. It is designed with advanced running functionality and is blended with lots of beneficial structures. It is also known for its pricing platform and durability and if you are mainly using your Dell laptops for multimedia purposes, then you can easily disable the function key features of the laptop and instead use the keys as media controls.
In order to disable the function key, all you need to enter the system Basic Input Output System (BIOS) throughout the boot sequence so you guide your computer with new instructions-

  • First you should restart your Dell laptop
  • Then watch the boot screen. Then you need to look for the system at the bottom which is instructing you to “Press the XX key to enter system BIOS.” In most Dell laptops, this will be noted as the “F2” key, but this may differ on your system. When the message appears, hold down the appropriate key to enter the BIOS screen.
  • After this simply navigate to the “Advanced” tab by pressing the right arrow key
  • Then you need to scroll down to “Function Key Behavior” on the “Advanced” tab by pressing the down button
  • After the above instructions press “Enter”
  • To move the selection to “Multimedia Key First” press the up/down arrow keys
  • Further to save your settings and to exit press “F10”
  • Once you done then allow the system to reboot for the changes to take effect

The above stated instructions are the most simple and advanced instructions that can help you to disable the function key of Dell laptop. In case you face any difficulty while performing the above procedure then dialing Dell Laptop Support Phone Number– (1-888-296-9079) is the best platform to have instant guidance by the staff that is committed in helping the Dell laptops users or customers with real time solutions.


How to Fix Dell All in One Printer 926 Model “Error 2200”?

As a user of Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 926 model, you might have lots of queries like its quality, features, issues and performance as well. You might encounter several issues with the printer which includes error “2200”. Though the printer is hooked up with lots of beneficial features including, it has excellent design with sleek white-and-light-gray body. The input tray is capable of holding up to 100 sheets of plain paper. With the Dell Fax Solutions software in the Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 926, users can make e-fax. It also has the capability to make up to 99 copies at once and also can scale between 25 and 400 percent. Also while scanning a document or a photo; user can also save the scans as a file on their system. But still it shows error “2200” due to several reasons.

Symptoms and causes:

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of error “2200” in Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 926. The problems mainly occurs when the user try to scan, fax or copy a document or file. It generally arises when the operating system with which it is connected pop up with errors. If the file is broken or missing or the registry associated with the printer is corrupted. Mis-configured system files can also be the main cause of error “2200”

Fixations: Use Repair Tool-

There are many methods to overcome the error with the printer. But the most common and the prior suggested method is resolving the problems by using repair tools. There is variety of repair tools available in market but it is advisable to use the Dell repair tool for the fixation of problem. Once you download the tools and perform the solution. Once you done with the process then it may scan your system after clicking the ‘Repair All’ button.

Despite this entire if you are not able to resolve the error by using repair tool then contacting Dell Printer Technical Support Number – (1-888-296-9079) is the best option to resolve the problem. The number helps you to connect with the steadfast customer service which provides a staff that is committed in resolving all sort of technical glitches and problems related to Dell printer instantly. The service works with advanced technologies at nominal charges.


Fix Dell Scanner Issues Under the Guidance of Experts.

Dell scanners are built with most high tech and advanced technologies, a most user-friendly scanning device for different purpose including industries, business and individual households. It is developed with many advanced features like automatic feeding speed, scanning speed and many more, which makes it a most preferred scanning device globally.

Dell is similar to printers and other imaging devices, which works with the computer and other related devices to scan and to perform various tasks. But due to wrong configuration, integration and mishandling of the device, it starts showing technical glitches and errors. Those problems and errors are may like-

  • Dell Scanner Driver installation support
  • Image quality and printing issue
  • Connectivity problem with Dell printer
  • Networking of computer with Dell Scanner
  • Queries and functionality of Dell Scanner
  • Drive repair and setup support service
  • Scanning related issue with Dell

There are varieties of reasons behind the occurrence of such errors like incomplete installation of software, outdated drivers, compatibility problem and other unexpected problems. These faults need to be fixed immediately otherwise it can cause a big damage to the scanner machine and the device it is connected to.

Despite of all this to resolve such issues Dell offers Dell Scanner Technical Support to which you can contact by dialing a (1-888-296-9079) toll free helpline number for quick support and immediate help. By dialing such you will experience an appropriate tech support service, where service providers and representatives are always ready to cater their customers. The skilled technicians support with enhance technologies and fast result, so that the customer overcome the problem instantly.

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How to Disable the Lock Screen in Your Windows 10 Dell Laptop?

As a Dell user enabling lock screen on your computer to protect your privacy and data safety is beneficiary. But sometimes unblocking the screen frequently is little annoying for the one who access the Dell laptop. In other way if you are sure that your laptop is secured and there is no private or important data that you need to keep secure then you can easily disable the Lock Screen.
Windows 10 based Dell laptops users who want to disable the lock screen password, need to follow the steps mentioned below. The procedure needs to be follow steps by step otherwise it can create issues to the system-
• First you need to use windows run to open register editor by pressing “windows keys + R” and type “regedit” into the prompt and then press enter key. You need to click yes if there is a warning message from user account control
• After entering to the registry editor navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then you need to open “Software, Policies, and Microsoft”. Then simply click on Windows
• After reaching the windows right click to create a new registry key called personalization, then go through the personalization key to create registry key
• Now right click inside the pane and ten select new then DWORD (32-bit) value that would create a new registry key to enable or disable the lock screen on your windows
• After finishing the procedure, you need to restart the laptop and see the you laptop would not ask any lock screen password and put the value “0” instead of “1”in the value data
Despite this entire if you face any technical problem or error, then you should simply take help by dialing Dell Laptop Customer Support Number. You can also dial a toll-free (1-888-296-9079) helpline support number offered by the support desk to provide instant technical help to the users so that they can easily go with the procedure to disable the lock screen in windows 10 Dell laptop.

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