How to Deal with Dell Printer Error 016-302?

The Dell Error code “016-302” appears mainly in the series of Dell color laser printers that prevent your device from printing.  The error code can be noticeable in Dell printer series like that can be fixed if right troubleshooting method applied. Below you will get the right instructions to fix the error-

Power on and Verify Printer without Connecting

Disconnecting the printer from your computer or other device and restart it after clearing all the print. If your you didn’t get any error message then your printer is ready to print, means that there is some while connecting the printer with computer or other devices.

Power on and Verify Printer without Connecting

Here you have to disconnect the printer it from your device and restart after clearing the entire print job. After this check your print by printing, if you don’t get the error message again, then your printer is ready to print.

Change the IP address of the Dell Printer

One of the best ways to fix error code 016-302 is changing the IP address of your printer. To perform the task you need to simply reset network settings and again add or install the Dell printer on your computer. After adding printer, go to web interface for print server settings and add new IP.

Reinstall the Printer Driver on Your PC

If the error code 016-302 code still persists on your computer screen, then you should go for driver reinstallation with latest version. Reinstalling the printer driver is the easiest and simple way to fix any sort of error related to printer.

In case, the above stated instructions do not help you to fix the problems then you simply dial Dell Printer Support Phone Number– (1-888-296-9079) support number that is available 24/7 round the clock in order to provide instant help to the users. The number connects you to the customer that works with enhanced tools and technologies. The customer service owes a team of experienced technicians and professionals who have capability in resolving all complicated errors at any complex level.



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